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EKKA 2016!

EKKA 2016!!!

WOW What an EKKA we had this year! So many highlights I don't even know where to start. Being part of the EKKA Horse Breeds Expo is great, spending 10 days with our HBE family chatting about horses, horses, horses :) what more could you want. Monday we had the Waler classes followed by the Light Horse classes. Clayton Red Thunder aka "Bubbie" won the gelding class, the judge commented on his excellent confirmation and wonderful temperament. So proud of our golden boy! Our mares placed 3rd Mirra, 4th Jezzabelle and 5th Zo. Very respectable against some very nice mares. In the Light Horse classes two of our horses placed 2nd in the half section and then all four placed 1st in the section! Well done to the riders who did an amazing job, since the horses train together all the time however in some instances it was the first time the rider had ridden the horse! We were once again privileged with being invited to ride in Light Horse uniform in the EKKA Nites National Anthem presentation. Once again our horses did us proud riding out night after night with fireworks and loud music, dancers, waving flags etc, the atmosphere was amazing. My favourite part of the night show was when the flag riders turned off and the Walers in Light Horse continued alone. The crowd clapped and cheered, it was amazing :)